create high quality backlinks

In this article  i am talking about How to create high quality pr backlinks in india.

                                           What is Backlinks

Backlinks is  a link of website that gets from another website.Backlinks  makes a high quality performance in search engine result for  website.Everyone makes backlinks in website for rank in top google searches.

Why create backlinks

Backlinks is necessary for website ranking.Backlinks give signal to google for rank higher in search engine.

Types of Backinks

There are two types of Backlinks:

  1. Do-Follow Backlinks
  2. No-Follow Backlinks
             What is Do-Follow Backlinks

Do-Follow Backlinks are the backinks that gives a signal to rank higher in search engine and it is a permanent.Which is posted on articles directories , Commentluv (Comment) and Guest Posting it is works on web 2.0 sites.

              What is No-Follow Backlinks

No-Follow Backlinks are  the backlinks that reads only human.So No-Follow Backlinks doesn’t matter in website ranking.No-Follow Backlinks come from social sites comments include Facebook,Twitter,Linked In,Etc.

How to create high quality pr backlinks in india:

  1. Submit Guest Post to Other Blogs – Guest posting is very important for create top quality backlinks from other website and get high traffic.
  2. Comment on Do-Follow Blogs – Comment in other website  and submit your website link and get top  quality backlinks and also get  medium traffic.
  3. Social Networking – Create backlinks  from social  networking and get Do-Follow backlinks and traffic.
  4. Answer in Quora questions – Create quora account and submit answers and get high quality pr backlinks.
  5. Answer in Yahoo questions – Create Yahoo account and submit answers and get high quality pr backlinks.
  6. Interlinking  you blog – When you can write post for your website you need to link other website article in new article and get high quality backlinks.
  7. Submit your website to Blog  directories – Means Submit you website link in blog directories and get high quality backlinks.
  8. Submit your blog to niche directories – Submit you website to niche directories and get high quality backlinks.

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