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How to Create Website using ukit (Tutorial for Beginners)

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How to Create Website using ukit

Are you looking for uKit Tutorial? If yes then in this article I will show you how to create a website using ukit on Step by Step Process with Image.

How to Create Website using ukit?

Ukit is a website Builder. Ukit helps you to build a mobile-friendly website without any coding knowledge. Follow the steps that I mentioned below for you to create a website using ukit.

Step 1: Go to Ukit

The First Step I have for you is open ukit from your browser.

Step 2: Click on Create a Website

The Second Step I have for you is when you are in ukit website now you need to click on Create a Website Button.

Step 3: Sign up on Ukit

The Third Step I have for you is when you clicked on Create a website button then you need to sign up on ukit to continue the process.

Step 4: Choose Design

The Fourth Step I have for you is Now Choose Design this depends on you. Click on the theme to choose.

Step 5: Choose Site Url

The Fifth Step I have for you is Choose your website URL (click on pencil button to change Url) and then Press Continue Button.

Step 6: Customise and then Publish

The Sixth Step I have for you is Customize website according to your need and when your customization completed then you need to click on Publish Button to Live your website.

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Building Website using ukit is very easy to see the steps that I mentioned above article. At last, if you have any confusion or any problem in building the website using ukit then feel free to drop your comment. I am waiting for your comment.

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