How To Get Photoshop For Free – The Ultimate Guide

How To Get Photoshop For Free

Are you looking for photoshop for free? If yes then today’s article  is especially for you because today I will teach you How To Get Photoshop For Free, so let’s begin:

The first question is everyone’s mind “Is there any way to download Photoshop for free”  so the answer is no because photoshop is not free you will get the free trial on photoshop.

In 2017 (Adobe Photoshop CS2) Photoshop software free for everyone but now in 2018 adobe removed photoshop CS2 for free.

The main features of adobe photoshop CS2 are you can easily create logo and banner art for website or advertisement.

How To Get Photoshop For Free?

Officially there are no any ways to get photoshop for free because photoshop is a paid software but you don’t worry today I will provide some solution for you.

There is only one way to get Photoshop for temporary?

  1. Get Adobe Photoshop Trial – Free for 1 Week or more

How to Get a photoshop free trial?

This is very easy to get adobe photoshop trial. follow these steps to get free adobe photoshop trial for one-week.

Here is How to Get a Photoshop Free trial:

Step 1: Visit Adobe Website from here or search adobe in your browser.

How To Get Photoshop For Free

Step 2: Now Click on the search button that is located on the top right corner.

How to get photoshop for free


Step 3: Type “Adobe Photoshop” in Search Box and then Click on Search Button.

How to get photoshop for free

Step 4: Click on Adobe Photoshop CC in Search Result.

Step 5: In Adobe Photoshop CC page scroll down to see the free trial option.

Step 6: Now click on start free trial button.

Step 7: If you don’t have creative cloud account then signup.

Step 8: Indicate your skill choose beginner and then click on the continue button.

Step 9: Open Creative Cloud App

Now if you have a creative cloud on your laptop then you can see one pop up in your browser or if you don’t have creative cloud app then the download is started automatically. If you can see this type of popup then click on Open Creative Cloud App button.

Step 10: Find Adobe Photoshop CC and then click on the try button

The Creative Cloud App will open automatically now scroll down and find that software you want to install. So if you want to install Adobe Photoshop CC then click on the try button to install.

Now your Adobe Photoshop will start downloading wait and enjoy.

(see download progress in creative cloud desktop app)

If you did not understand about How To Get Photoshop For Free then watch this video tutorial.

Conclusion – There is only one way to get photoshop for free using Free Trial. If you like this article then do share with your friends. If you have any question about this then comment below.

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