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60+ Top Ping Sites List That Boost Your Ranking & Indexing Speed

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If you want to rank your article and youtube videos quickly on the search engine, Use Ping Sites that boost your ranking and indexing speed.

What is Pinging?

When you publish an article, only you know that you have written an article but how to know all else, then use pinging for this, Pinging helps to fast indexing & small effect of ranking.

How To Use Ping Tools?

There are many website & tools available in the market that helps you to ping your site easily but some tools are free and some are paid. So If you are using WordPress then this feature is available on WordPress.

In this Article, I will show you how I ping my sites for fast Indexing & Ranking. This method is simple, without using any website or tool.

Here is the method that I use to ping sites without any tool, one-time setup

Step 1: Log in to Website Backend

The First Step i have for you is log in to your WordPress Website Backend (Add /wp-admin after your website url to get log in page for wordpress backend.

wordpress backend

Step 2: Go to Setting

The Second Step i have for you is now go to setting that is located on buttom left corner.

wordpress setting

Step 3: Click on Writing

The Third Step i have for you is click on Writing under setting option that is located below the General Setting.

wordpress writing

Step 4: Find Update Services Under Writing Setting and Paste the Link

The Fourth Step i have for you is when you are in writing setting now you need to find Update services option when you found this option then copy the link list below the article and then Paste it on Update Services Box and then Save the Page.

wordpress update services

Ping Sites list (Do not open this link copy and paste it on your website) :…………


I hope you guys like this article if you have any question or suggestion then comment.

If you have a website then you need Do – Follow links here is two options that you will get amazing Links that boost your ranking.

  1. Blog Commenting Sites 2019
  2. Do – Follow Blog Commenting Sites
  3. Top Directory Submission Sites

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